The best post and more visits in the world.


If you are a person like me, who hopes to make the best post and more visits in the world to the first, also waiting for the perfect moment, the moon is in crescent moon, and that in your life your affairs are in calm, the stars are aligned, after making more than 20 courses, you have broken relationships, to study every word which Bible each manual instead of listening to the advice of those people who you want and lose yourself, your essence , block you, and put each blogger / Youtuber as your new “God Saviour”, and yet your leaf blog has continued to white because it was not good enough for you to understand, and suddenly when you wrote the first word your spouse lost his work, all your muscles tense because then now “whether it should be the perfect post” to win millions of fans and sponsors (because you really needed money at home), or you suddenly suffer a serious illness.

I will make you 3 questions:
1. Does that sound any of these words?
2. Why did you start to actually write? (Eg writing, Youtube channel, photography, painting).
3. Do you think really still in that perfect post that will take you to the top of the overnight?.

Well, even if it hurts or you hear this it sounds obvious: NOT EXIST.

Although you see other people who are very famous. They Are not you.
And this is good. Believe it or not. Quit to pressure you.

Remember why you started writing …

I’ll tell you a little personal history, back in 2005-2006 I already had a blog, but I was a follower of a girl, perfectly I remember the name of her blog “Coffee with milk, please,” her name was Nadia and her birthday was the same day as mine.

And I was her follower for the simple pleasure of reading, for her freshness, she only wrote a few lines about how she had been her day, she had discovered her city, which had made her happy that day or unhappy, her hobbies, of which left or resumed as time passed, a natural person, without makeup in the soul, sometimes tired of her work, changes in her life, emotional ups and downs, happy times and sad times, and sometimes a small photo.

Remember that in those days the blogs are not like now. And she had a lot of followers and comments, and even we did not know what her face. It was not like now.

Now it seems that everything has to be 24 hours a day:

– Who has the latest and greatest in ….?
– Who has the best experiences?
– Who is happier?

Live in a world like this for a person like you or me is a horrible pressure.

And what I’ve always noticed is that the really successful people such success was not expected, was not obsessed with fame or with such success, on the contrary, they only began to do one thing: BE THEY THEMSELVES AND DO THAT THEM FASCINATED.

I’ll tell you my experience after 3 years, I have lost many things for that perfect post but above all I’m sorry I lost is self-esteem, pressuring me myself so that … auto demand or social demands or demands of life? I think it’s an accumulation of 3. I lost a lot of love from my partner for not lifting the head of the computer to be studying for years and not paying attention to him, I lost much of my family life, and joy.

And no, I have not written this perfect post. And why am I not better or worse. I do not demand me that.

And it will not arrive that point, and made me lack lose everything, down to my hell and realize that everything I had in mind was unreal and had lost my perspective. But I have noticed that there are many people who live or have lived like me in their lives.

My level of exigency comes from childhood, like many people, but that’s another story …

I do not care that you have invested 1 € or 25,000 € in your online business, you again ask the question, why did you begin?

Returns to remember that it is your passion, but not your life. It is a part of your life, but do not steal life, because if not better closures you give a breath and think about what your true passion in your life. Should bring you good things, not take away.

That’s my reflection after 3 years.

I do not want to write, nor hope, nor aspire to write the perfect post, I just want to be me.

And discover myself between these lines and share that was really my objective always when I started.

Share a new lifestyle.

The passion since childhood by writing + photography + share = that is my true self. Or at least part of my expression of my being.

I do not care if I read or see me on my Youtube channel (which I hope will soon return to it), 1 single person and get to it to your heart, or that I see 10,000 people and not cause any emotion in them or causing indifference in your head. I do not speak or write for numbers, I write for real people.

If I only think about numbers rather than on me or people I talk to are real, would not be happy. I would not be living my dream. My dream would have caught me just to get followers, numbers, would become a nightmare, into a farce.

Remember: There is no perfect post, then whatever you do enjoy and be amazed by your own dream even if not perfect.

Love xoxoxo


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