Season Fall 2014 nail polish Maybelline.


As we are in autumn, what better than to renew our wardrobe, but this time for nail polish.
Maybelline COLOR SHOW!

I had never tried the Maybelline brand nail polish,
Yes I had tried on makeupand the truth is that I really like. I love it’s range of colors I chose.


From left to right:

• 651. COOL BLUE
• 311. CORALS UP
• 286. MAYBE BLUE.

I can not tell you which one is my favorite because they all are, so depending on how I feel, choose one color or another, how you choose it?

The texture is perfect for me, not too liquid nor too pasty. It is very unpleasant when you’re painting your nails and paste this as you look like you’re giving mud.
Did you happen to you too?

For me the truth Yes, and not because it is dry is because the nail polish was. Above all it has happened to me with nail polish cracks.

Approximate duration of duration of color no scratches, 5 days.

It also comes with a super smoothing brush and drying is fast, which is important to me. I took a great offer and each nail polish was priced at € 1.99.

Now tell me, have you tried these nail polish ?, What was your experience ?.
You can find them on the internet or large shopping centers.

I attached a list of possible sites where you can find.







Thank You .

I love You.


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