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Hello my VintLover,

Remember when you were little and you did an activity that bewitched you to forget about everything?

For that reason I happened to discover what I like to ride, thanks to my father.

And so today I feel how when she was a small child when painting, playing guitar, or jump rope, to tell you that at last have the right clothes to make my new passion. Walk.

My father is my great support, and we are preparing our next adventure Camino de Santiago, spent an afternoon father / daughter acquiring our new kit at Decathlon.

I could not imagine he had so many clothes for each sport.

But for me these possibilities are reduced almost at least for my allergic to any tissue other than 100% cotton.

So there went with high hopes to find something for me.

What was my surprise when I found an entire aisle full tights 100% cotton sport.

You should have seen us taking the two of all models to try them, it seemed that we would have found gold !.

We attended a girl, very nice !, that helped me find my cotton shirts. And I grabbed a couple who were very cool, perfect because they are long and now I’m not a fan of my ass.

I also found some short socks and a travel towel, I love the color !, and a backpack for my walks, to bring water, camera, and a power meter sweatshirt.

And to round off, my father gave me the best shoes, most comfortable, beautiful and best in the world.

A super gift.

It seems to walk with them is like walking on clouds.

So I’m already prepared and ready to start this new path.

And you, do you have a hobby that makes forget the world?

You can also follow my walks in my  Youtube channel, and share my anecdotes of my life.There I waited for you!

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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