November is my favorite month.




November is my favorite month for many reasons.

Colors become living, breathes the town tranquility and cold starts.

I am a person who loves the fall and winter, rain, fog, and especially the snow.

I do not like at all spring and summer.

Why everyone goes crazy for the summer? I hate the heat.

I do not like anything, from small I did not like the spring or summer. I have no fond memories of summers.

Everything is out of control, and I think people become rare in spring and summer.

Also in summer the town where I live is full of people and does not respect the town it as it is.

We are peaceful people in this place.

That’s why I love where I live now. There is silence, there is peace and tranquility.

As the village is on a mountain, I live surrounded by nature. And it’s beautiful.

The fireplace is lit, I relax sipping my favorite tea, and work on my store: Vintage Logave.

Although I wish in the not too distant future, to live in 2 of my favorite places in the world.

That I’ll tell you another time.

I love you