My conclusions from my “21 days learning to be happy.”


Hello my VintLover,

My first foray into the world of YouTube has been: exciting, fun, exhausting and full of surprises.

As with all adventures, had a definite plan from the beginning, and supposed naive of me, everything would as he planned. But as I learned in all the adventures I have taken over my life, there are complications, and things do not go exactly as you plan.

For example, he planned to be 21 consecutive days, every day, and it was until they began complications, such as my dear tripod broke in the middle of a recording or put me sick for days and could not get out of bed.

When this finally happened, all I thought about was the desire I had to get back to your computer to burn even dreamed about it at night! And a curious thing happened …

In my normal life before starting this project, every time I proposed something, and for some reason could not do 100% I had thought in my head, I began to culpabilizarme, and feel that it was not able to carry out my projects. And that I generated anxiety and low self-esteem. For that very demanding towards myself.

But this time, when it began to feel like I stood in front of my computer screen, and remembered what was the purpose of these 21 days:
“Learn to be happy.”
And when you learn, sometimes it does well, and sometimes wrong. Sometimes progress in learning and other needs to stop and back to learn well the last lesson.

So from that perspective thinking all this pressure that I usually refer to myself, disappeared.

When I could record, he recorded and gave my whole heart into each image. But a complication arose when escaping from my hands (like getting to pour when shooting outdoors should) stop, but continued with my desire and my passion in me, and did not blame me.


In this adventure I discovered places I did not know of my town and I can conclude that if you want you can live a little adventure every day if you’re willing. I connected with emotions had forgotten time, I enjoyed with my family as I had never done in the summer, I laughed out loud, I felt a stranger in the street, it was very intense and I faced one of my greatest fears :

To expose the world to see me. Expose my creativity. To teach what I am passionate. Share what I feel and what I think.

And I have to say that although there have been moments of frustration, usually this has been one of the best experiences of my life. And especially since I’ve caused. I’ve searched. I have not expected to happen to me.

I do not look at the figures for the number of people who have seen me. They have not seen me 10,000,000 people, but a quite a few, and if I managed including INSPIRE 1 of them to do their most beautiful, and encouraged her to be happy, to change your negative thoughts into positive life, to get a smile as she watched one of the videos, or that would connect with their emotions instead of being lost in the cold world of technology, I more than satisfied. Then all the effort was worth it. And I feel that it was worth it!

And this adventure you’ve done for me, to show me that I can make my dreams come true. I feel I’m finally on the right track. And that’s an indescribable feeling.

Do you liked the video? Did they inspired? Which is your favorite?Tell me!

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I love you

Phoebe xoxoxo.