How to be a mom and blogger and not die in the attempt.




Hello my friend,
How are you?

Starting today, every week, you’ll have a post on “How to be mom and blogger, and not die trying” if you subscribe to my website, with EXCLUSIVE material.

I have no magic wand to make your children stay motionless for hours, as well as early childhood educator I say that’s impossible. But if I can give you practical ideas on how to … not die trying.
Today my vintlove idea is: Paint.

Babies love to imitate everything that makes breast if breast paint or write, he or she will want to do it too.

Also give them a task, they will develop their focus and concentration as well as using the right hemisphere which is the imagination

The first day maybe he or she paints two minutes, the next day 5, the next 10 minutes, which will give you time to catch up on your social networks, or finish your last post and publish it, it’s what I do.

Tip: PAINT STAIN, yes. That there are washing machines. Put your baby always old sweater or shirt, and that will become “costume painting”, this way you will help assimilate concepts and you will not have to wash 10 shirts a day.

Try to give your baby water soluble paints special for babies, or waxes. Never give them pens or markers, as if those are very difficult to clean.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and put it into practice.

I love you.

Phoebe VintLove

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