Looks are deceiving.



Hello My VintLover,

Have you ever gone to work or college or out at night with friends and you left home an old but warm coat or your favorite scarf because it hits you with your outfit, and it’s because you do not want to stand in the street ?

Then I tested the what happens when you dress up in a totally new way, like wear a sports outfit in my case, because the other day I could go shopping you can see here.

Well then this afternoon no longer aguataba more the urge to go for a walk, and put on my outfit, new backpack including but since I went to the Camino de Santiago I can not imagine walking without my stick of wood, I’ve put up to name: Marshall, the serie of How I Met Your Mother.

Until I did the Camino de Santiago, I can not understand how I support and become attached to a wooden stick, which also helps me manterner back straight while walking. And if you do the way you will understand me.

Well because at first I was feeling far from my style of dress, far from my comfort zone, and when she was ready to leave home, suddenly my head started to imagine weird looks from people on the street, laughing at my all to bring my walking stick, and all those thoughts were in less than 5 seconds. But suddenly I said to myself:

– What does it matter if I look ?.
-‘Are those important people to me ?.
-‘Why I walk ?.

I walk because I love to walk, and to take care of my body and be with nature and to feel what I felt on the Camino de Santiago.

That’s why I do it.

So I took my walking stick. And yes, the first 5 meters have been rare for myself, but then I turned on my iPod and I have put my helmet, I breathed a few times and everything has changed.

I felt safe, happy.

And what was my surprise when I saw more people playing sports with their backpacks and their sticks.

I’m not rare !, it is normal and usual just that I I had not noticed.

Nobody looked at me, nobody was laughing at me.
And I was so happy with “my Marshall”.

We tend to believe that outsiders are there to judge. And believe me everyone is busy thinking about their lives to be fixed and have as a hobby criticize you.

I was able to relax, discover new routes through my home, get to new places, and find inspiration almost no search, eg for this post.

So, the next time you think your head appearances, do not think about what others think of you but what you think of yourself.

The first one has to like and be comfortable, it’s you.

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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