Knit´s magic




Hello Miss,

One of my passions is knit.

I know it is very fashionable, talking about it everywhere, and you can be tired of reading another post once again knitting.

But not post any, you are in my world.

I’ll tell you my story.

You know that’s what motivates me to knit?

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I saw my great grandfather help my great grandmother to make a ball of wool. My great grandfather was holding a tangle of threads and my great grandmother was picking up the thread in a skein while they talked, laughed, and drank coffee, I sat on the floor was open-mouthed listening amazing stories of their livesfrom the war and his love.

My great grandmother sitting in her rocking chair on which now I sit, she always told me:
“Wool is the thread that weaves the stories”.

And she was right. Whenever my great grandmother was knitting, the garment was to tell a story: a birth, a birthday, a wedding, among others.

Now whenever I knit sitting in her rocking chair, I remember the smell of coffee, cuddle between them that made redden my great-grandmother, and her wise words.

Now do you understand why I like to knit?

It’s because I knit a story. The Story of My Life.

And you, what are you going to knit?

I love you.


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