In search of inspiration.





Hello my VintLover,

Have a creative block ?, you spend hours on the internet seeking inspiration from and at the end you just get frustrated and feel you’ve wasted your time?

Yeah ?, You’re not alone.
Many times we try to find inspiration where we should and wrong ways.

Sometimes it’s okay to stay home, be yourself and dive into your past experiences and from there comes the magic.

But for that to happen you must first have experiences. From that point out the original inspiration, the magic.

No matter how you work or what your dream. Like music, writing, photography, painting, fashion, dancing or designing clothes ?. To give some examples.

Any activity that requires freshness, innovation and attitude, needs you to be yourself.

And for that, you will not be able to make yourself locked in, looking perfect photos on the internet, feeling frustrated watching lives that do not resemble anything to yours, feeling increasingly smaller and less prepared for the world.

The good news is that perfection does not exist and I’ll tell you something that I hope will help you from now.

“Perfection is boring.”

Even large fashion magazines, make new “fashions antiperfeccion”.

If you need inspiration and want to create something good.

First, get experience.
And I am not referring to you sign up to a thousand courses in your field of work, or you do crazy.

Get experience is anything that’re always putting either by your excuses or “lack of time”, low self-esteem or fear.

All your excuses are laudable, and that’s fine if you want to do the same to others. Okay, there’s nothing wrong.

But if like me, you want to sleep good about yourself, smile when you see your life before your eyes, and feel proud of what you do, auqnue do not play multimillionaire from overnight (though who knows) … Have experiences .

Do something that makes you feel butterflies in the stomach. Do something that makes you out of your comfort zone.

All this take it to your own life.

But anyway, I put some. Because there is nothing that has always bugged me give information on courses or blogs, without even giving me any idea where to start.

Look around you.
Become a professional observer. Look at the people that are around you, from your family to the people you come across in the street, in the subway, on the bus.
Observe the small details of the streets, that flower that grows between the asphalt.
You can learn a lot by watching around you.

Discover new facets of you.
If you never wear skirts, go shopping, arm yourself with patience and discover your legs.

If you always wear the same makeup, you want to go unnoticed, try a different makeup.

If you’re always the saying “NO” to plans that propose you, say YES even once. (As long as it is not harmful to you).

Lift your ass and do not leave for tomorrow.

Do not put off again.

Move on, get out of your comfort zone.

Lift your ass couch or bed, or your desk and go to the world.

Whether you by yourself or with a friend or with your children if you have, and go to a different place, be it a park, a place where sounds live music, or drink a new drink in a nice cafe.

Listen to new music or dance you alone in the elevator, or try a new recipe I’ve ever heard of.

Take a break from social networks.

You can read more about this in my post “Beware of social networking.”

But try to make good use of social networks.

Needless you’re obsessed with them 24 hours.
It is not necessary, and I will tell you that people with more followers on social networks, they have so many followers because 24 hours are, but because they have a life full of inspiration, because they have experiences to contribute. They have something to tell.

So, until you do not have something to say or shareit goes without you’re hooked others. Be selective.

You are just as important as the others.

And maybe you ask me:

-And how will this help me to me ?.

What I answer:

– You’ll never know unless you try. You’ll never know if you do not. You’ll never know if you do new things, otherwise discover more of what you already know.

That’s what I started to do in my life, and I will continue doing.

Where will this lead me? What will I get? I do not know yet. But I do not want to miss the adventure of the search for inspiration.

I want to find out what inspires my life. Never too late to start to find out.

And you, are you going to go find the Muses? I tell me. And do not forget to share it with the people you love, you may help someone.

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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