How to overcome your limits.



comosuperar tus limites









Hello my VintLover,

Have you ever done any activity starting reluctantly and then you have fun freakin yourself?

The same thing happened to me today.

This afternoon I went out to walk, with pressure from having to return home soon, with many problems in my head, and if I’m honest with some anxiety.

So when I was preparing to go on my hike, I didn´t fell that joy to start an activity I normally like to do. You know that sensation ?.

But when I come to my door, and on the street, I breathed a few times, I have put my Ipod (with rather sad music) and I’ve just started walking.

Crossing the town with my backpack and “my Marshall”, and enter the woods I met a boxer, a puppy, his owner and two little girls.

And when has approached me, the little puppy has started to play with me, he wanted to caress him and tried to bite my stick, suddenly I started to smile.

Something as simple as a happy puppy, made me smile and change my mood. So when you’re in one of those days where everything is stressful, stay alert, because when you least expect you return to smile!

Since my mood had changed, the music from my Ipod must also change to something more cheerful than inspire me, as one of my favorite bands, The Lumineers.

I love them and are better live, so I have one of their best live for me on my Ipod.

And singing songs I’ve reached the limit of my usual way, I stopped and asked myself:

– “Why not go ?, what really prevents me?”.

And I said to myself:
– I want to try, and if I can not continue I can always turn around and go home.

And you, my VintLover, you can do the same in your life in all areas. If I can do it, you too.

I started to climb a mountain, discovering wonderful forests, with some brightly colored flowers, and trees as if they had stepped out of a fairy tale.

But when you try to push your limits, there are good moments and moments when you need to improve yourself.

And that moment was even me when I found up half the mountain, and I was alone, really alone, far from anywhere, without posbilidad back quickly to my house, my security zone.

And my head have spent a lot of terrible thoughts:

– “If I attack strangers, stolen and was injured or worse”
– “And if I faint.”
– “And I feel so bad that I can not go home.”

At that moment I looked in both directions: go back or walk forward.

If ara back again would be nice, had walked up to my usual place and a little more, nothing would happen if continued, would be fine.

But I felt I was facing my limits, I felt I had the opportunity to face my fears.

And if not followed forward, perhaps never again try.
Because my limits would have won my climb to the top, they would have won my fears another day.

So I drank some water, put me again helmets music, grabbed firmly “my Marshall” and continued.

And I confess that in the first 10 minutes my head just thinking negative things but seeing that nothing had happened than I’d imagine, suddenly turned to smile, because I was doing this for myself, by myself.
And I began to enjoy.

So when I got to the top of the mountain I felt happy, really happy with myself for having achieved.

Not to get to the top but for what had passed on the road, on the rise.

And my other gift was sitting in the chair Felipe II, admiring the place where I live.

During five years are what I live in San Lorenzo del Escorial and had never really seen how beautiful it is.

And all my limits, all for my fears.

So next time you need to overcome your limits, remember me.

Whether your limits or your fears you are departing from experiences that might make you be a better version of you.

And when you pass, believe me, you will not be the same.

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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