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Hello VintLover,

I’ve always wanted to have my own garden.

My family has always had their own gardens, from my great grandmother that I remember.

When I went to see my great grandmother home, what I liked most was spending his large inner courtyard. Its inner courtyard was twice as big as your house.Imagine!

It was a big vegetable garden with aromatic plants, medicinal plants and flowers filling color to look like paradise on Earth.

And a large part had a lovely vegetable garden and well. I remember how the little woman crouched to pick lettuce we were going to eat afterwards.

So from that frees me from my parents, one of the first things I did was buy 3 sacks of earth and a few seeds.

Also I usually call my grandparents when I doubt about when is best to plant depending vegetable.

And I also love going to the public library and take books on horticulture.

I am passionate about seeing that from nothing, only earth, water, seeds and sun can leave something as beautiful as a lettuce or tomatoes.

Maybe you’re tired of hearing a thousand things on transgenic food and your economy does not allow you to purchase organic food. Here, I’ll teach you how to grow your own food, without much effort. And no matter if you have no grounds to do so, you only need a window that gives it the sun, of course if you have a small terrace, best !.

First let’s start with the calendario.Si, is not natural to have strawberries in December!
And we’ll start with easy crops.
Let’s start with lettuce and carrot.

To do this we will only need a small container, buy a sack of earth, if it can be bought land in a greenhouse, better !, but if you can not then buy the land at any supermarket, and it will cost more than 3 € or 3,24 $. And since you’re buying on the spot carrot and lettuce seeds.

Second: All you have to do is take soil in the pot
or container, and undo with hands not seden blocks of compact earth, and thus can form airse and the seed can breathe.


Third, moisten the ground with a little water, just until the soil is moist, which is not the same as soaked.


Fourth: We take 2 or 3 seeds in the pot.


Fifth: Simply let the sun.


And finally, in the coming weeks, water your small pots every day,
only by moistening them.

And that’s it! You can start your own food acultivar without insecticides, knowing exactly what you eat is what you want.

The second installment in a few days, so you see the whole process from planting to harvest.

I encourage you to become more self-sufficient. Would you join a greener life, a VintLove life?

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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