Grandma’s little bows



Hello Miss,

Today I bring you an easy recipe that I cook every week for 16 years.

But first let me tell you his story.

When I was about 12 years after school, ate in the house of my best friend at the time. She lived with her mother and grandparents in an ancient floor in a central district of Madrid. I always inspired nostalgia and art at once that house high ceiling, dark woods and large windows.

One day, when the time of the meal we asked the grandmother of my best friend what she had to eat, what this petite woman smelling perfume of roses, I remember perfectly that brought her perfume trips Russia, she answered: – “Grandma’s little bows”.

Whenever I’ve been eating very bad and little, put weird face, because I had never heard such a thing. And when I sat down and started eating this fresh pasta seasoned with olive oil and vinegar, my life changed.

I remember repeated plate, and tell for many days “Grandma, (I was allowed to call it), when do we Grandma’s little bows? ”

And so it has continued this weekly tradition since.

I wish you like this dish, which from implanting in your life that enriches as it has done in mine.

1) Boil water with a small handful of salt, a drizzle of olive oil and half chicken stock cube.

2) When boiling, take two handfuls of little bows per person, ie if a meal for two, you have to take four handfuls of little bows.

Note: I learned from my grandmother far macaroni is measured with 2 handfuls per person. Thanks Grandma !!

3rd) We left 15 minutes by boiling if you have gas cooker, if you have another type of cuisine, follow the instructions on the box of pasta.

4th) We removed the pasta in a colander and cool it with cold tap water below. Cut a little York ham and cheese. Season with oil and vinegar to taste. And voilá!

We have our very cold little bows, and can be superb for any occasion.

What you will eat today?

I love you.


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