Finally back the 70s!





Hello my VintLover,

Tired of leggings ?, burdened by fashion so extremely tight skinnis that takes 10 minutes to wear them and make the best time is to take them off?

I understand perfectly. And if he has also touched you in a time of your life as me (in my case it was my pregnancy and change bad eating habits) go through a stage where the extra kilos are with you, can I have become a real nightmare for your closet and your self-esteem.

Quiet, because “the fashion greats” We are taking a break and have returned the fashion of the 70s with less tight jeans and with a little bell, leaving breathe our ankles and legs.

I like this variety, and feel it is only fair.
I like all kinds of styles for everyone there is in fashion, and not just for a few.

I studied a workshop at La Casita de Wendy, a brand and incredible designers, and loved their vision of fashion, and look so much like mine.

So when I open my fashion section, (Yes, in my online store Vintage Lovage be clothing line!), I hope that my 3 styles: folk style, shabby-chic style, Nordic style, there are pieces both tight-fitting as wider and more comfortable while still being pretty.

That is my wish and hope will meet soon.

So I’m very happy that the 70s are back, but the truth is that I’ve gone crazy and have spread to those around me with my crazy because I have everyone looking and buying for my flares like me I was preparing for the apocalypse, if it’s a fad.

Do you feel identified?

Do not be alarmed those who say that the flares are only for thin women, because they make you look more petite and accentuate your curves. I am not of that opinion, because you can always get a good high heels, and you will be very sexy.

Do not be intimidated by the 70s, a good hunting bell jeans, a blouse boho chic style and gives good heels and welcome to the 70s with a good dose of peace and love.

Sure that your legs will walk to the sound of the 70s. #outskinnis.

Are you in?

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo

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