My favorite series


Hi VintLovers,

Today I’ll tell you something I love to do when the day ends and I want disconnect.
Do not watch TV, so if I’m passionate about the series.

My favorite first series still on the air, it’s Supernatural.

Since I started hooked me.

I’m not going to tell you about, because if you have seen it, you’re taking to see it !.
And if you saw, leave me a comment on what it is that you like best about the show or your favorite character.

I’m just going to give the two names of my favorite characters: Dean Winchester and the Death.
The second series that I’m totally hooked is The Walking Dead.

Before I start watching it I thought, “I saw a series of zombies ?,
it is not for me”.

But one day I decided and now I never miss a single episode. Whenever there is a new episode, I prepare as if my little day party.
I prepare a delicious dinner, preferably something other than meat, because although I like the series, one has some visual sensitivity. Well as I prepare my dinner, I grab my favorite blanket and put my phone in silent so nothing bothers me.

Now, have you seen the series ?, did you like? Tell me what your favorite character.

Mine is Daryl Dixon, and no, not because it is fashionable. I love the actor for the 1999 film “Saints” and sequel to “The Saints II”, two of my favorite movies.

And the last series … (drumroll) is Constantine.

I’ve only seen the first episodebut I hope with great enthusiasm to start in a few days definitely.

I am very interested because one of my favorite movies is Constantine, actor Keanu Reeves, although the series I think it will be more faithful to the comics and I can not tell if that’s good or bad, because the film I have on a pedestal .

And I want to see every episode!

And you, will you see it?

Thank you very much for reading.

I love you


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