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Hi sweetie,

Today I bring you my latest purchase.

The first tell you that I love makeup but I have sensitive skin and that sometimes a determinant factor, sure some of you do understand me.

And this mark for me is great, maybe not as well known as other brands, but it’s as good as Maybelline or Bourjois, etc. Also it is a brand that protects the environment and your cosmetics are made with natural agents and vegetal.

If you have sensitive skin like me, I suggest you try this brand.

Let’s start with Youthful Glow Foundation.

Mine is number is 200 Beige Rosé.

Has coated pearly pink straighteners.

One of the things I like about this brand is that all aspects of care, making good quality makeup to packaging and design.

The material is crystal and the top appears pink gold. Beautiful!

But the best is the makeup itself as it is very smooth, compacted skin perfectly covering every little wrinkle or skin imperfections, and has a tone that works very illuminator.

And smells like roses !, a subtle scent but it gives you that extra that we are coquettes makes us feel pretty.

Its price is 17,90 € and you can find it on their website.

10 to this makeup!

And you, have you tried this makeup ?, Do you know this brand existed ?.

Looking for a plus in makeup?

Stay alert to the next post of makeup because I bring more news.

I love you.


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