A day in the snow







Hello Sweetie,

I was a little sad the other day, and my father decided to take me to a place that always encourages me: Snow.

For me the snow is paradise, it’s the best in the world.

So first we enjoyed a toasty warm breakfast, rented clothes for Kayleen, my father and I were already equipped, because we are lovers of sky.

I have an overwhelming desire that the baby begins to learn to ski. And I imagine with her helmet looking like a atomic ant, and her white jumpsuit with matching ski boots. But I have said the ski teachers to 4 years do not begin to teach children. (Sad face).

Well after breakfast, we drive to throw us through the snow, and Kayleen loved the experience!

I wanted nothing more jumping from the snow, again and again.
And how her grandfather can not deny anything, they threw many times by snow mountain.

The day was great, we ate at a restaurant with large picture windows and stayed a long time admiring the views and sunbathing.

It definitely helped me, the snow always encourages me, makes me feel different and always makes me smile.

Thank you Dad.

Where you go to cheer? Tell me.

I love you.


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