Dad, I want to wear heels.

bluehigh-heeled shoes

“Dad, I want to wear heels”

That’s what I told my dad last night by phone.

And you’ll be surprised but NEVER in my life I put heels.Never !, As you hear it.

Always I’m usually in my pajamas at home for comfort.

But now I’ve realize that life is short, passes quickly.

The sun comes and goes very fast every day since I had my daughter.

And I want to recover myself, exploring who I am, will I be sexy? Will I be coquette? I don´t know. And I want to have fun with the whole process.

And I will be my own star, because admit it, we tend to live and have our happiness outside ourselves, and we compare to all other women without actually look at what’s important: We ourselves.

So the next big step for me is to show my curves and discover my sensuality.

Learn and reeducate my slippery mind.

Knowing that I can put to my body some red high heels and by no means lose my sweetness, though I had never done this equivalence.

I want to feel a beautiful and stylish girl, befriend myself and put all my passion in my day to day.

Today I am sure that the path is as long as one wants to, and decide to be grateful to live it and share it with you.

And you Miss, do you get on high heels with me?

I love you

Phoebe VintLove.

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