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Beware of social networking.

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Hello my VintLover, Have you ever felt intimidated by the number of followers they have other people on twitter, facebook or instagram? Do you feel that your pictures are not as nice as the others? Are you feeling so frustrated by what you see in others in internet you have neglected your blog, or you’re…

In search of inspiration.


Hello my VintLover, Have a creative block ?, you spend hours on the internet seeking inspiration from and at the end you just get frustrated and feel you’ve wasted your time? Yeah ?, You’re not alone. Many times we try to find inspiration where we should and wrong ways. Sometimes it’s okay to stay home,…

Silence please.


Hello Sweetie! Some days it’s best to be alone with yourself. These days you look inside yourself and discover a new side of yourself. It is in this place where inspiration is. It is that place where creativity is. I miss the days of snow. For me snow days are a gift, where nature rules….

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