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Ready, steady, go!


Hello my VintLover, Remember when you were little and you did an activity that bewitched you to forget about everything? For that reason I happened to discover what I like to ride, thanks to my father. And so today I feel how when she was a small child when painting, playing guitar, or jump rope,…

Home vegetable garden.


Hello VintLover, I’ve always wanted to have my own garden. My family has always had their own gardens, from my great grandmother that I remember. When I went to see my great grandmother home, what I liked most was spending his large inner courtyard. Its inner courtyard was twice as big as your house.Imagine! It…

Finally back the 70s!


Hello my VintLover, Tired of leggings ?, burdened by fashion so extremely tight skinnis that takes 10 minutes to wear them and make the best time is to take them off? I understand perfectly. And if he has also touched you in a time of your life as me (in my case it was my…

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