A blogger´s confessions


Blogger’s confessions: blogger’s pressure

I confess that being blogger is not easy.

And being a mom and blogger, is double difficult. But do not come down yet, because I’m going to share with you my tricks to carry on. No pressure!

So now the next question is, what should I do?

Well, I think the only way to know which is the perfect combination to make something work in life is to try.

“I need to start over,” and believe me, this really is a phrase you’ll hear me more than once. And surely you will have felt the need to wipe the slate clean.

Therefore, in these 365 days, with my hashtag #365díasphoebevintlove, I have decided to set myself short term goals, one month, so my second hastag will be #decembervintlove, which will be 31 days online.

The first thing I want to say to you is that always, at every moment, every day, you can start all over again. You can always give yourself a new chance. Why not?

This month I want to have fun doing the blog, learn from all the mistakes I still have to make (because I am a very demanding of myself, and now I feel that everything goes upside down).

This year has been a very difficult year, but since I started my website, on November 17, I told myself that my life had to change.

When you write a blog, you put a lot of yourself, maybe sometimes not so much, but always to a greater or lesser extent you expose yourself.

And if you’re like me, you start doing courses, educating yourself, looking and looking shrunked in your chair other people wonderful blogs. You recognize all the work that takes having a blog as nice as these, and even if you have been since 2006 writing blogs, like me, yours never turn out as beautiful and charming as the others, then you say to yourself, “perhaps I can´t be a blogger. ”

But I think that’s not the problem. There are many factors that can affect a good photo or a good video. But the most important is that whatever you do, it will be affected by your emotional, physical, and mental state. If you’re not well and you focus only on what others are doing, you will not be able to make the photos you want, and you won’t really write from the heart, because you’re just thinking about other people who are not you.

I also think that the person who really enjoys doing what she does, ends up making the others enjoy. Therefore I need to change a little my own perspective. And if you find yourself in the same situation as me, either you are a blogger or not, I suggest you short and simple goals to overcome this creative block, and the first person that should follow them it´s me.

My 5 goals in December will be:

1-Only write from the heart.

Be really just how you are. What others do doesn’t matter. Okay, see how good other bloggers and youtubers do but only for inspiration. If you see blogs that don´t inspire you and you start comparing yourself, promise to immediately shut down internet, and get to do anything else until you forget it.

2-Relax more and keep calm.

If you suffer a lot of stress and anxiety, and have always wanted to have a quiet life, do different things that nurture yourself. This month, I will go walking in my lovely village, play more with Baby K, read more, take relaxing baths, cook just for fun, watch my favorite movies. And don´t feel overwhelmed if household tasks pile. Are you with me?

3- Listen more music.

Choose music when you’re at home, your favorite songs, those that make you put your hands up and feel alive. When I hear music, creativity flows. I love music, it’s something I´ve loved since childhood.

4- Do not obsess with all the information written on the internet.

I have spoken about this with other bloggers and it also happens to them. There is so much information online about how to improve this or that, or how to make better post photos, metrics and analytical, you end up collapsing, and obsessing with every step you take, that in the end you finish offering something untrue.

I want to offer something real, because I am a real person, and I want to share with you a new vision of the world. So I apologize if I don´t do the best photos of the world or the best videos, but I’m learning and in every post or video I’ll do my best. I assure you.

5- Take care!

This is the most important point. We are so focused on our work and our families that we forget of ourselves. How long has it been since you painted your nails of a nice color? How long haven’t you pleased yourself, even if it is eating your favorite food or playing out loud at home your favorite song and jumping on the sofa?

I am a 29 years old mom, but I’m still a young girl. And because of many things that have happened in my life which gradually I’ll tell you, I’ve abandoned myself in every way, and it’s time to take care of myself again. Do not forget to take care of yourself, nobody will do it for you!

And these are the Confessions of a blogger vol. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and can make these tips yours and take them into your life.

Do not hesitate to share with me all your tricks to get out of a creative block. What do you do when you feel everything is too overwhelming in your life?

I love you,


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