Beware of social networking.

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Hello my VintLover,

Have you ever felt intimidated by the number of followers they have other people on twitter, facebook or instagram?

Do you feel that your pictures are not as nice as the others?

Are you feeling so frustrated by what you see in others in internet you have neglected your blog, or you’re afraid to start something and tell the whole world?

I understand perfectly, you’re not the only one who feels like that sometimes.

The first is that you can not be hooked on social networks 24 hours a day.

How long you lose them, it is not something professional ?.

Can you imagine being in a room sitting at a person and be talking both at once 24 hours?It would be crazy!

And no matter who that person was your favorite person in the world, you’d end up driving you crazy.

That’s not healthy.

Think about it for a moment.

The second is that you have always clear that you are just as important, good at what you do, and living the life you have to those who have mln and millions of followers.

I know what it’s like working on a project, show it on the internet and feel that it has not been worth it, because it seems no one has given you a second of attention.

I know what is being lost in the vast ocean of social networks and try not to drown buying books or courses on social networks because I have only 30 or 40 followers on twitter, as I squeeze every sentence to like or attention.

And I also know what it is to set aside a project that has not yet begun to see the astronomical figures of “likes” for some people.

But it’s time we start looking after us on the internet.

The first is that I wish to make is that pienos that people who are successful and sporque have worked long and hard to get and also think emepzaron in place or platform and at the right time. But it’s never too late to anyone.

Therefore we must stop comparing with them, they are them and us is us.

So we must focus on ourselves first, and put awareness that in this world, there is a place for each of us and there is also a place or platform in which precisely us 100%. Decides which to bet.

And the time is when you decide you’re going to be the best version of yourself.

I do not want to misunderstand my words, not have to be perfect with the weight of a size 34, or the trendy hair, nor your photos, paintings, words are perfect. It’s not about that.

When I say the best version of yourself, is to be yourself and do not say a set phrase and empty.

Be yourself, be happy with who you are.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and give yourself thank learn from them.

Yourself the opportunity to be who you are because no one else is how you, with your strengths and your weaknesses.

Love your body, because it is the packaging of your essence. If something in your body not like it, accept it and instead of fighting it, helps your body to improve it. It is important how do you approach things.

Allow yourself to feel this feeling is. Do not force your emotions, do not hide your emotions, you’re the only injured if you do.

And only Uncover yourself every day.

On this basis and knowing how to find inspiration in my other post that can help “In search of inspiration“, you have the basis to start having your voice on the Internet.

Find your own voice, and talk when you have something to say, no matter how many people follow you, or how many people tell you how good you are at your job. Just do it for you.

Do not let the numbers overwhelm, and just live your life, working on what you feel like, no matter if you set your own company or if it is a hobby, work putting 100% of you. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it that are worth believing and what is unique because it is.

This does not mean to say though because 2 people draw a sun, they will do different and unique way.

And finally just tell the world what you’ve done for the sake of wanting to share.

And you know how you’ll know if you succeed? Because you will feel happy.

Now I would like to give you some ideas of how to navigate the networks without collapsing.
– First you have to be happy is you.

– Your words, pictures, etc, are equally important and good as the people who have 7 million followers.

Not worry if someone does not like you or do not achieve your goals in the short term, whether sales or followers. Perseverance and constacina be your best friends, so your followers conquest patiently.

– Give yourself time “without social networks” throughout the day.
Your mind will rest from all that information, and use that time to nurture yourself.

-Use Social networks as a game where you make the rules, and do not allow networks to use you.

– Is it better to have 10 friends / online followers that really be true to yourself and your work, and 100,000 followers you support or do not support you when you have a bad day? Piensalo and grow your community of friends / followers.

– Be more aware of how you feel about what you bring social networks. If you start feeling that everything becomes negative … Stop! and looking for other platforms and other ways to express yourself on the net. And I think about it another way, perhaps you forgot enjoy.

Remember: people who often be successful is because they are happy with most of his life, because they have accepted your own voice with their strengths and weaknesses and because they enjoy doing what they do.

So, please take care of yourself, find your own voice and have fun. Are you going to do ?.

I love you.

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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