My 3 purposes for the new year.


Hello my VintLover,

Although you know, and if you don´t I tell you, for my new year starts on 1 September, I decided I’m going to celebrate this new year also renewing my purposes that I became in September.

The purposes to be fulfilled, must be real and must be stimulating. If not the 3 days you get tired and you can not fulfill them, what you will get frustrated.

So I just set out to do 3 things that make me happy and that also is an enriching for my stimulus.

1) Have fun exercising.

Yes, I’ll walk every day at least one hour to strengthen my body, and since I live on a mountain to get in touch with nature. Also you can see my adventures in my You tube channel, which not only put my walks, but also share with you my day.

2) Make more and think less.

This means, that’ll make things even give me afraid, I want to experience. And for example, for my expose on youtube is an example where to start.
I’m a perfectionist, and always stay trapped in, “If it’s not perfect, do not do it and see what I need …”.

So I ended up not do even half of the things I like to do. You know what I mean?

I’m not perfect, I do not buy clothes of exclusive brands, nor have the perfect house with the furniture of the latest model, nor do I now my beloved long hair.
But buy clothes that make me feel good, I have a very cozy house in which I identify, and hair grows over time.

3) Let me my long hair.

Yes, it will seem silly but I’ve always had hair down to my waist, to me my hair is something that speaks volumes to me.
Over the past year, I dyed me, I discolored, I made a thousand damage, mostly because I did not feel good about myself, and had a bad time of frustration. And I paid with my hair. So this year, the California highlights or pink hair carried, I refuse to touch it anymore.

I will be myself, I’ll take care a little to myself that I miss.

And those are my 3 real purposes. You, have New Year’s resolutions? What are they?

I love reading all your comments

I love you.


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