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Silence please.


Hello Sweetie! Some days it’s best to be alone with yourself. These days you look inside yourself and discover a new side of yourself. It is in this place where inspiration is. It is that place where creativity is. I miss the days of snow. For me snow days are a gift, where nature rules….

Knit´s magic


Hello Miss, One of my passions is knit. I know it is very fashionable, talking about it everywhere, and you can be tired of reading another post once again knitting. But not post any, you are in my world. I’ll tell you my story. You know that’s what motivates me to knit? When I was…

A blogger´s confessions


Blogger’s confessions: blogger’s pressure I confess that being blogger is not easy. And being a mom and blogger, is double difficult. But do not come down yet, because I’m going to share with you my tricks to carry on. No pressure! So now the next question is, what should I do? Well, I think the…