1 September, Happy New Year!



Hello my VintLover,

Happy New Year!
What? How? Have you gone crazy? You may be wondering.
The answer is no.

Since 10 years ago I started a tradition to celebrate the New Year on August 31 and New Year begins for me on September 1.

I started with this tradition, because I was tired of family meals at Christmas for almost one month, and because Christmas has some tinge of nostalgia that did not make me feel anything started.

However, in September, the infernal heat is over and all the nature comes back to life, with my favorite colors, there is a golden light that accompanies all day, and the air smells sweet. And then winter comes, what for me is like absolute happiness.

Also in September it is when everything started for me, new purposes,
new adventures, basic wardrobe changes, new collection of Vintage Lovage.
The best times of my life have always been in autumn and winter.

Besides, I’ve never done things as most of mortals,
so why do not my own tradition of New Year?

In my New Year tradition VintLove, what is at issue is to be happy with oneself, to dress with something that you feel comfortable, say goodbye to the year gone by burning it down on paper, while preparing a delicious dinner and see your favorite movies.

Do things your way, keep your voice, and live your life how you do to be happy.

You join?

As the end of my 21 days you will have my video: New Year VintLove.

In a few days on my YouTube channel. Stay alert!

I love you. And Happy New Year VintLove!

Phoebe xoxoxo.

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